January 27, 2012

Upcoming move

Only few days back it is confirmed that we are relocating......Very very excited as this new palce is my dream place to be. Nice and much warmer weather than here in Chicago. Eagerly waiting to settle down in the new city.

Just started on the Evening Primrose. Stitched for one day. Will post the pic soon. But now my stitching will be on a hold for some weeks until we settle in our new home.

Happy Stitching.

January 23, 2012

Michaels - A bit disappointed

So today on my way back to home after grocery shopping, had a stop over at Michaels hoping that I will buy all the required stash for Evening Primrose pixie and some missing threads for Spring Queen.  I have to say that I am bit disappointed as the store seems almost like a close out one and the DMC floss was tossed all over. And most of the colors are NOT available. :( Hobby Lobby is much better,.....I walkin, grab the floss from the specific numbered box and walk out. 5 min and I am done. But in Michael, I have to verify whether I picked the right floss or not. After all this, I still need some more floss for both Evening Primrose and Spring Queen. So planning to go to Hobby Lobby to get the missing one.

Happy Stitching.......

January 21, 2012

Wonderful finishes from Blogworld

This will be my WIP collections on some of the wonderful finishings / or beautiful conversions that I have come across on the web. Please note that these does not belong to me. This is just my way of organizing some of the ideas that I want to use in my works and give full credit to the original poster for their wonderful work and creativity. If any of the posters feel offended by me having them referenced here, please put a comment and I will remove it.

Royal Holiday
Ashley's roses
Mermaids of the Deep Blue

Touching the Autumn Sky

Aprils Blue Diamond
Holly Pixie
Circle of friends
Mother's Bliss
Miss Valentines' fairy
Mermaids of the Deep Blue 
July's Amethyst Fairy
Letter J --> Look at the matting
Ivy Fairy
Rose Arbour
Spring Queen - my choice of frame and matting.
Spring Queen - Another choice
Spring QUeen - Beautiful finishing fofr frame. 
Spring Queen -
Winter Queen
Royal Holiday

Sleeping Beauty - Framed piece
Butterfly Fairy - Beautiful finishing and matting

Happy Stitching.......

January 19, 2012

Wow.....the flowers are coming out good

So yesterday night and today morning was able to add few more stitches and the flowers look so very beautiful....Aren't they?

Spring Queen - 1/19/2012

Yesterday, my Evening Primrose pixie material was delivered. Now I need to go buy the DMC thread but I guess I will wait for some time before I start working on this project. I am still contemplating on whether I should go for the whites or replace the whites with something pale in color.

Happy Stitching.....

January 18, 2012

Spring Queen - Update

Few more stitches and here is what I have so far. I love the bright colors coming up in the flower bouquet.

Spring Queen - 1/18/2012

Happy Stitching.........

January 17, 2012

Frogging doing flowers

Now I know why I am bit resistant to pick any patterns that have flowers. I guess I am bad at counting the flower patterns. Recently have been working on the flower bouquet in the Spring Queen but ended up frogging for almost every color that I stitched. Next time I will think twice before picking the pattern (priority for those with minimal floral work). 

So after some stitching and frogging and stitching, was able to do 3 petals and little of greenary in the flower bouquet in Spring Queen.  I guess I am spending too much time stitching while there are some other high priorty tasks at hand. Have to slow down on my stitching for few days (hope it will NOT be weeks).

Happy Stitching..............

January 16, 2012

Spring Queen - Curtain Raiser

Now that the Sleeping Beauty is out of my way, I started on my third Mira project -  Spring Queen. Was tempting to start on this piece the moment I kitted up but held off until I finished Sleeping Beauty.  After doing Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, Spring Queen seems to be little smaller. Just love the colors on this pattern.

So here is the pic after around 8 hours of effort.  (My apologoes for the bad light effect (black shade in bottom center)

Spring Queen - Started on 1/16/2012

Happy Stitching.

Tah....Dah.......Here comes "Sleeping Beauty"

So Ladies....here comes "Sleeping Beauty" one last time before it goes for its final make over (framing). This has been a very very long pending project - started in July 2006 and ended in Jan 2012.....almost 5.5 years.

Sleeping Beauty - 1/15/2012
 Ok......though I am really really excited to present the final display, I should say the pattern is only 99.9% complete. Yep...that is true. I am short of around 30 beads or so and you can see that gap on the left just above the border (between the two shades of blue beads). I have to order Mill Hill Beads now to fill that gap. Will have to wait until I make my next order from 1-2-3 stitch.

Oh no.....fell short of few beads on the left just above the border
 Now will be moving on to my third Mira project - Spring Queen.

Happy Dancing and Happy Stitching.

January 13, 2012

Evening Primrose Spring Garden Pixie - Order on its way

OMG.....The Mira facebook group is teaching me a lot more things. I haven't known so far about the Nora Corbett designs. I was under the impression that Mirabilia designs are the only designs of Nora Corbett.....Now I found a whole new set of beautiful fairies. And I just ordered Evening Primrose Spring Garden Pixie chart from 123 stitch.

Planning to do one for my cousin. If I am satisfied with one, then I am planning to do one more of the same design for me (Seems like a simple but beautiful pattern).

I better have to stop watching the facebook group else I might end up buying lot more stuff than needed. :)

Happy Stitching........

January 12, 2012

Sleeping Beauty - update

Thanks to the lap frame....I am able to finish quite a bit of beading work on the princess dress....Doesn't seem to be lot of work but actually it is. Took almost 5 hours just to finish the beading on her dress. Still some more (towards the bottom left is pending)......Yeppiee...I am getting closure to completion. 

A closure look at the beading - that's a lot....Phew.

So here is the status of the Princess.....She looks gorgeous.

Little bit of beading on her dress - 1/12/2012

Lap frame - a must for cross stitch lovers

So yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby to buy DMC threads for Spring Queen. Tempted and sort of exhausted doing the bead work on Cinderella and now for Sleeping Beauty with a hoop, thought I will try out a lap frame.....(Never used it before nor never saw it before). Got a smaller one for 10$ and fitted on it the Sleeping Beauty....Ofcourse have to struggle a bit to understand how to attach the fabby to the lap frame as I was afraid I might spoil the thread work.

Have to agree that I just loved the lap frame. It made the beading so comfortable that I was able to do quite a bit of beading on the princess.

For all those cross stitch lovers who do not have a lap frame, believe me you have got to have one to feel the difference. Just makes life so easy.

Happy Stitching. :)

January 11, 2012

Sleeping Beauty - race started

Have been tossing around whether to finish Sleeping Beauty or start on Spring Queen. Spring Queen has got some really good color combinations that I just love the piece. Finally decided to finish Sleeping Beauty as I am literally dragging this for quite a number of years. Yes I started this during Aug of 2006. The blog world has been a great inspiration and now I am all charged to finish this Beauty.  

There is not really much work.....except beading. It should take probably around 5 hours maxiumum. So here are the latest pics of Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty - as of 1/11/2012

A close up picture of the princess.
 Bought a new Lap frame for the first time (it is a nightmare to work on beading using hoops. Realized it while doing Cinderella). So here is the princess ready for the beading.
SB fitted my new lap frame.....ready for beading :)
Hope to finish the piece atleast by end of this month (Hum too long isn't it....but I have some priorities that I have to handle so this might be on a slow burner).

January 09, 2012

My son's name plate

Here is another design that I got framed from Nick's frame shop. I bought the alphabets while I visited Las Vegas 4 years back and finally now was able to get the framing done. Will be in my house in few more weeks. 

Love the finishing :)

Happy Stitching..........

Tah-Dah.....Cinderally ready to take its place

So excited to see the framed "Cinderella". I started this project after knowing that my sis is expecting and wanted to gift it to her. And I am glad that my sis liked it a lot......

Cinderella returned home on 1/9/2011

Will be updating some more close up shots taken during the day time......

Here is a comment that got from Prathi(Sis) :

Picture can't do any justice to this art work. You should see it for real to cherish the real beauty. It's simply awesome!! Love you!!

Happy Dancing..... Happy Stitching. :)

Going slow on stitching front

I guess I will have to go slow on the stitching side. Have got some priorities on my personal front that I need to give preference to. Now that the pattern, fabby and the beads have arrived for the Spring Queen, I might go and do some shopping for the DMC threads in Hobby Lobby. Haven't ever used any Q-Snaps or any thing like that other than regular hoops. Yes I only have 2 hoops and I managed to do Sleeping Beaty and Cinderella with these 2 hoops. Cross stitching is easy using the hoops but when it comes to beading, it turned out to be a night mare. So try out the using Qsnaps for Spring Queen. ;)

I might be doing some thing small for one of cousins soon. Not sure when and what design yet.

Happy Stitching........

January 08, 2012

Country Farmer - with color stains :(

Here is one of the pieces that I stitched couple of years back when I just started doing cross stitching. Once the stitching is complete, I washed the piece(totally out of ignorace).....I agree it is the most stupidest thing. Now seeing the piece, my heart really sinks.

Do you have any ideas on how to get those red color stains (near the apples and the head of the roster). I love this piece and want to finish it into something but seeing the stains I am backing off..... :(

I don't know what is the name of this pattern - so just made it up as Country Farmer. So here is the stained piece. Any suggestions are highly appreciable.........

Country Farmer (2007)

Happy Stitching......

Happy Dancing - Bunny Baby all set for framing

Yippee....one of the goals of 2012 is now complete. Bunny Baby is now ready for framing. I haven't yet decided whether I wanted to add any wordings to the piece but so far it is complete as per the pattern.........

So here is the completed piece so far....(Waiting to be framed).....

Bunny Baby - ready for framing (1/7/2012)

Need to to think on which one should I start next. How about Spring Queen(very tempting to start on it) ? Or should I finish Sleeping Beauty.....Hum.....let me think.

Happy Stitching..........

January 06, 2012

Hurray .....Spring Queen material has been delivered

Wow.....looks like today is really pleasant......nice cool weather (with high 52 - in Chicago and that too in the month of Jan) and cute bunny baby WIP going faster.......

To top it off, the material for Spring Queen has just been delivered. The pattern is stunningly beautiful.Couldn't control myself to start the work.........But I will have to hold off until I finish my beading work on Sleeping Beauty. Else Sleeping Beauty will be never be complete. 

Happy Stitching.....

Enjoying pleasant Chicago weather with Bunny baby

What a pleasant day it is here in Chicago........ Jan 6th(supposed to be peak winter with snow all over) and today's high temp is 52 degrees.....Went for a walk to enjoy the winter weather.........Very unusual during this period but truly awesome...... (Hum wait a min, should we be concerned that  global warming is taking its toll......)

Finally with few more hours of stitching, the cute little bunny is now ready. Didn't realize that the thread for the bow (backstitch) is missing.But other than that the flowers and leaves in the flower pot is pending. Looks like the pattern should be completed by this weekend. Wondering if I can add few wordings at the top..........

Bunny Baby as of 1/6/2012

Happy Stitching.........

January 05, 2012

Bunny baby - further update

With another 6 more hours, I was able to get the bow, flower pot and the outline for bunny......This pattern seems to be a euick and easy one......and is moving much faster than expected........Love the color and the pattern. Planning to do few more Ellen Maurer patterns......

So here is the latest update.

Bunny Baby - as of 1/5/2012

Happy Stitching...... 

January 04, 2012

Bunny Baby - Rework started

So as planned, I started restitching Bunny Baby with a 2 thread.......Started on 1/1/12. It is much easier to stitch with a 2 thread rather than a 3 count. (Using a 3 thread is a pain and will never do that again).

For the first time, I started stitching the patter from the bottom.....AsI bought quite  a big 16 ct fabric and I didn't want to waste the fabric. So left around 3 inches on the bottom right corner and started from the bottom.......This pattern seems to be moving quite fast especially after stitching Cinderella on a 32 ct fabric. Hopefully in another 10 days, I should be able to finish the whole pattern.

So here is the update that I have so far........

Bunnny Baby - Floral work as of 1/3/2012

Happy Stitching.......

January 01, 2012

New Year stitching update

Let me first wish all my readers a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012......Hope you all are having fun stitching something new or something very interesting in this new year.

Now that I ordered the chart, fabric, Mill Hill Beads and Krinik threads for Spring Queen (fell in love the moment I saw the stitched pattern), I made a list of the required DMC threads needed for this project. Can't wait to start doing this beautiful project. Also I cleaned up the threads and arranged them for easy access. Here is a pic of my stash that I have collected so far..... :)

Stash at the beginning of Year 2012

 I am all set to restart my Bunny Baby. Rearranged all the needed threads and the fabric. Hopefully I will start this sometime today or tomorrow. 

Happy Stitching..... :)