February 09, 2014

Spring Queen - No words to say

I am literally falling short of words to describe how beautiful my third Mira - "Spring Queen" looks like. Until I started on her bead work, I was happy how she was but once I started beading, I was literally ecstatic. She is an absolute pleasure to stitch her. I started beading on her on 2/8/2014 around 10:00 AM and with occasional breaks I completed all her beading by around 11:30 PM. Just couldn't put her down to some other day once I started to bead her. She is absolute stunning piece, and if I get a chance to get it framed from Jill Rensel, then I am sure there is nothing in this world to compare / describe her beauty. And it will truly become as my 6 yr old said - "She is sparkling as nothing in this world"...... :) Here are some pics of her. 

Spring Queen - March 2012 - Feb 2014

Spring Queen - Have to admire her royal look

A beautiful bouquet for Spring Queen
Now that I am done with Spring Queen, I will most likely move on to Blue Bell pixie while I place my order for Buttercup pixie and Biancebella. Both are very vibrant colors. Just so getting hooked up to Mira / Nora charts. But no regrets.

Happy Stitching..... :) 


  1. You can't do this...I need pictures! Sounds wonderful :)

    1. Just now added the pics. Waiting for the day light to take her pics though the posted pics do not do any justice to showcasing her intricacies. That is the besr I can get from my windows phone.

  2. Spring Queen is absolutely stunning! What a pretty lady... Now that I have seen her all stitched and beaded I want to stitch her too.....oh well another Mira in my "Must Stitch" list :)
    Hugs x

  3. Hi there, great job! SUch a nice blog you have I just had to start follow it!
    I have always admired Mirabilia but still haven't stitched one, after seeing yours though I think I will start one soon... right betweeen the tons of UFO I have.

  4. Hello! I am so glad i discovered your blog. I am starting spring queen soon and I wondering what color thread you use to attach your beads?

  5. Beautiful and happy to have found your blog