July 30, 2012

Spring Queen - Weekend update

I was working on this queen for the last two weekends. Quite impressive with the progress so far. I have to attribute the speed to stiching with two hands(One on top of the fabric and other at the bottom). Was working on the yellows on the bottom left area.

Spring Queen - as of 7/29/2012
 Happy Stitching..... :)

July 23, 2012

Spring Queen - Woke up from pause mode :)

It has been couple of weeks that I have done any stitching. Got very busy schedules offlate that I didn't have enought time to stitch but I am happy for what I am doing. Finally got some time this weekend and enjoyed working again on Spring Queen and watching movies. Comparing with the last update of Spring Queen, I am pretty happy with the number of stitches I added to her. Worked on her ribbon and more yellows on the bottom left of her dress.

I forgot to take a picture of my latest update of the Queen, and I have to wait for the week end to have the pic taken.

As a side kick, am planning to get the stash for Holly and Rose so that I can work on it while I am on the go. :)

Happy Stitching........ :)