February 09, 2018

Coming back with Isabella's Garden

Wow.... it has been almost 2+ years that I have blogged anything about my stitching nor did I do any stitching. Few days back, I saw a finished piece of Italian Lady (Designer - Sharon Christine designs ; Framing - Jill Rensel) and was awestruck at the beautiful piece. Felt inspired and motivated to start a new cross-stitch.

So went back to my stitching shelf to dust off and see what should I do. Reorganized my threads and felt rejunenated to see the organized thread box. :) Looked at some of the patterns that I completed in the past or wanted to do at some point in the future. And there is a WIP - Bluebell pixie (Designed - Nora Corbett). Finally decided to go with my 2 ever lasting projects on to do list -

1. Isabella's garden (Designed - Lavender & Lace) - Ordererd the required stash for this project and this will be my next project that I will do.
2. Little House Neighborhood (Designed - Little House Needlework) - Ordered pattern and fabric.

These 2 projects has been on my to-do list for a very long time and what better way to get inspired to start these now than latter.

So yes.... as soon as the stash is at my door step, I am on to Isabella's garden. :)

Happy Stitching.