August 31, 2011

Bunny Baby - Ready to take off......

So finally I got all the stash needed for my EMC - Bunny Baby project. I liked the bunny patters from EMC so much that I might do couple of more in the future.

So here is my new take off project.......

Going to DisneyWorld for a week long vacation this weekend. Probably might carry this small kit and try to do some of the stitching while I get time.....

Oh BTW, did I ever say that, with the blog world, I gain a lot of momentum to work on my unfinished projects. And it is so nice to some of the eye pleasing pieces from the fellow bloggers.....It really is a God's gift to have such creativity and skill. So here are my applauses to all my stitching blogger friends.... :)

Happy Stitching.

August 29, 2011

Janlynn - A Reservation

Well "A Reservation" was completed last year but never got to get the framing done. Finally this piece is off to Hobby Lobby to get the final finishing. This is the first framing that I am getting done in US and to my surprise it really is quite costly here. I got a quote for 45$ for a double matting regular frame. :(

So here is the piece that went for finishing...... :)

I wondering how much will it be costing for two huge projects that I am doing - Mirabilia Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.......

I have couple of small projects that I will doing......So planning to experiment on framing with one of pieces. Here is the link from where I am planning to get the basic instructions on framing.

Happy Stitching......till next posting.......

August 28, 2011

Am I addicted to cross stitch

I am wondering whether I got(or getting) addicted to cross stitch in the recent past......Probably spending atleast 10 hrs per day working on the Cinderella. But I am happy it is moving along smooth. So here is the progress so far from my previous update.......

I hate to see some of the threads being short by couple of stitches.....Now again one of the Keirnik threads is short. Probably this time, I will finish what ever I can and order all the missing threads at once.

I hope I can finish the project before I go on with my intense 20 days assignment by mid next month.

Happy stitching...... 

August 26, 2011

Bunny Baby - new project to take off

I have ordered some missing threads for Cinderella from 123stitch.....And the delivery was pretty fast. The package has arrived yesterday. In addition I also bought Bunny baby pattern and fabric. (16 count Aida). Thanks Tracy for letting me know about this site (I was confused with abcstitch which seems little pricey)

I need to gather the required threads for this one . Probably might do some shopping in Hobby Lobby for this project. I am planning to complete this for a very special occasion for a very special person of mine. Since the pattern is no so complex when compared to Cinderalla project that I am working on, I should finish it in couple of days. Probably will starting working on it over the weekend.

Will post the Cinderella update soon....going on pretty smooth. :)

Happy stitching. 

August 23, 2011

More update

So I am really concentrating on finishing Cinderalla as fast as I can.....Here is some more update on the project. I am happy that it is going along smooth so far.....

Happy Stitching......

August 13, 2011

Further update on Cinderella

So have been stitching quite regularly on this project for the past few days. And here is the update on the project. Though the project seems dense, it is NOT that difficult to stitch since the design is simple so far on her dress. I am happy that the project is moving fast but somehow, the colors look pale to me. Hope to see a much colorful product once I have the beading and the kerneik thread work also done. 

I realized that I made a mistake while doing the border.The top left corner where I should be using the Kerneik thread, I used the DMC thread and the look is NOT that bright. So have been thinking whether should I remove the DMC thread and do it with the proper color or should I continue doing the same mistake for the rest of the three corners.

Happy stitching......