August 26, 2011

Bunny Baby - new project to take off

I have ordered some missing threads for Cinderella from 123stitch.....And the delivery was pretty fast. The package has arrived yesterday. In addition I also bought Bunny baby pattern and fabric. (16 count Aida). Thanks Tracy for letting me know about this site (I was confused with abcstitch which seems little pricey)

I need to gather the required threads for this one . Probably might do some shopping in Hobby Lobby for this project. I am planning to complete this for a very special occasion for a very special person of mine. Since the pattern is no so complex when compared to Cinderalla project that I am working on, I should finish it in couple of days. Probably will starting working on it over the weekend.

Will post the Cinderella update soon....going on pretty smooth. :)

Happy stitching. 

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