April 29, 2012

Happy B'day Prathi

Wishing my sis and a new mom a "Very Happy and Special B'day".

Happy Stitching..... :) 

April 28, 2012

Little House Neighbourhood - Will it be my next WIP

Off late I have been stitching only Mira / Nora projects and no doubt I enjoy them. But recently the wind is blowing towards Little House Neighbourhood. Am thinking whether I should place the order or wait until 4 of them that are in pipeline are complete / close to complete. (Spring Queen, Holly, Rose and Bluebell Pixie).

I will have to hold this off until then I guess. But in case I have to order any more stash from 123 stitch, then LHN might diffently be added to the shopping cart. So tempted get the pattern and fabric home.

BTW, on the Spring Queen updates, the more I wanted to stitch a different color , the more I get into stitching the greens. Now pretty close to completing the solid greens on half of her dress that I can move on to different color. Pictures will be posted soon. The stitches on the Spring Queen are all over the place. I pray that they all aligh together. Hate to frog the work and can't leave the pattern knowing the mistake so obvious.

Hope regular bloggers of my site are enjoying knowing updates from my end.

Happy Sitching......:)

April 26, 2012

Bunny Baby - Final makeover

My first reaction looking at the frame was "WOW"........Really too cute and I am glad it came out good. Made this for my little baby(sis's son) - Nirav.

Bunny Baby - 2012 Finish

Happy Stitching....... :)

Spring Queen - Tired of stitching the greens

The last three days I have been stitching the greens on the left side of the dress that now I am too tired to do any more green. So for a change I started working on her dress lace with a nice lavender color (which infact is eye pleasing after seeing so much greens the last couple of days).

Now I am wondering how the heck in this world will I be able to do all those yellowish greens on her dress.....Hum......I guess this project is going to be on and off the shelf once I start doing her yellows.....Anyhow, I will post of picture of her once I complete her dress lace.

On a side note, after reading some of the experiences of the stitchers in Mirabilia Facebook group, even I tried to stitch with two hands, left hand on the top and right hand on the bottom of the fabric, and couldn't believe how fast it is. Also by stitching like that, my hands, fingers and back are not getting as sore as they used to be while I was stitching with one hand. Now I don't feel like stitching with one hand. :) 

Happy Stitching.....:)

April 24, 2012

Spring Queen - update on her dress

Last weekend I was able to do quite a bit of stitching on Spring Queen - Especially left side of her dress and the ribbons. My stitching was all over the place and was literally praying that the ends meet with out the need for frogging.

Luckily, so far it is going good. So here is the update that I have so far.

Spring Queen - As of 4/23/2012.

Happy Stitching..... :)

April 21, 2012

Spring Queen - working on her ribbon

Got bored doing her face and neck and to top it, I ended frogging all her face. :( So moved on to her dress and was working on her ribbon. Enjoyed working on those satin ribbons....... 

Spring Queen - as of 4/21/2012

Happy Stitching...... :)

Spring Queen - A little more progress

Yesterday and today I did little bit stitching on Spring Queen. Almost done half her face and realized I was off by one row to the left. Huh....can't take chances to cover it up......so will have to frog her face. :(

Here is what I have so far. This pic was taken before I did the neck line and face.

Spring Queen - as of 4/20/2012

Happy Stitching..... :)

April 20, 2012

Sleeping Beauty - Final Makeover

Finally I got my "Sleeping Beauty" back from Michaels and am super excited to see it hanging in my front room. Coolest thing is that my DH appreciated seeing the framed piece. (This is something unusual and obviously that added more to my excitment.

So here it is......my first Mira that I started.

Sleeping Beauty - Started 6/2006 and completed on 1/2012.

Happy Stitching...... :)

April 17, 2012

Michaels - Another setback

I decided I will NOT go get any of my framing done at Michaels. One with 60% discount, the prices are exorbitant. Second, there are not many choices for the frames. Third, they never hand over the framed piece on time. And it really sxxxxs.

I have given my Sleeping Beauty for framing some time mid of last month with a 2 week estimated delivery date. Now it is more than 4 weeks and the piece is still lying on their work desk and that kills me. Decided no more Michaels........ :(

On a positive side, I got the treasures for three of the Pixies - Holly, Rose and Bluebell. Now I need to buy the DMC threads and then they are ready to start. :) 1-2-3 Stitch best online delivery service so far that I have experienced. Definitely will recommend any one who wants to get their stash delivered to home.

Happy Stitching....... :)

April 14, 2012

Cinderalla - Final Makeover

Here is my first ever framed Mira project - Cinderalla - My dream project. Just loved before, while and after stitching her. She is truly an awesome piece to work on. I gifted this to my sis - now a proud mom of a cute little baby boy - Nirav alias Chinna

Cinderella - 2011 Finish
Happy Stitching..... :)

Evening Prim rose pixie - Final Makeover

Here is the framed piece of the Evening PrimRose Pixie. The pic does no justice to the finished piece in real. I have gifted this to my cousin sis(my sis's co-sis) and has now reached its final destination - Finland. I am glad I am able to take a final look at it before it left to Finland.

Evening Primrose - 2012 Finish

Happy Stitching...... :)

April 11, 2012

Stash for 3 more pixies on way

Today I have ordered the fabric (32ct Antique White Jobelan), Krenik and Mill Hill Beads for Holly, Rose and BlueBell Pixies from 123 stitch. When I get a deal in Michaels, I will go shop for the DMC threads.

Hopefully this will be end of my stash buying for this year. I will be lucky enough if I can complete these 3 pixies and the Spring Queen (Mira WIP) by end of this year. Planning to gift the pixies one each for my MIL and for my sis MIL and the rest for my self. Let me see how it goes.

Happy Stitching.............. :)  

April 10, 2012

Waterlily - ready to take its place

Phew.....finally I got my Waterlily framed and all dressed up and now is ready to take its place in my front room. Super excited to see it hanging on the wall as it is my first Mira / Nora that made for myself.

So here is the pic of the framed piece.

Waterlily - 2012 Finish 
Happy Stitching...... :) 

April 04, 2012

Welcome Chinna

I am glad to share the good news. My little sis has delivered a cute little baby boy on 4/3/2012 @ 7:38PM(I am calling him "Chinna" until he is given a name). So happy that I am literally short of words. Can't wait to see him and hold him in my hands. Yeppiee....

Nani is so excited on becoming a "Big Brother" and says that he is ready to feed the baby, change the diaper and do everything for the baby now that he is a big brother. Well Nani is now close to 5 yrs but behaves much elder. Ha ha ha. 

Happy Stitching...... :)