January 21, 2012

Wonderful finishes from Blogworld

This will be my WIP collections on some of the wonderful finishings / or beautiful conversions that I have come across on the web. Please note that these does not belong to me. This is just my way of organizing some of the ideas that I want to use in my works and give full credit to the original poster for their wonderful work and creativity. If any of the posters feel offended by me having them referenced here, please put a comment and I will remove it.

Royal Holiday
Ashley's roses
Mermaids of the Deep Blue

Touching the Autumn Sky

Aprils Blue Diamond
Holly Pixie
Circle of friends
Mother's Bliss
Miss Valentines' fairy
Mermaids of the Deep Blue 
July's Amethyst Fairy
Letter J --> Look at the matting
Ivy Fairy
Rose Arbour
Spring Queen - my choice of frame and matting.
Spring Queen - Another choice
Spring QUeen - Beautiful finishing fofr frame. 
Spring Queen -
Winter Queen
Royal Holiday

Sleeping Beauty - Framed piece
Butterfly Fairy - Beautiful finishing and matting

Happy Stitching.......

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