January 04, 2012

Bunny Baby - Rework started

So as planned, I started restitching Bunny Baby with a 2 thread.......Started on 1/1/12. It is much easier to stitch with a 2 thread rather than a 3 count. (Using a 3 thread is a pain and will never do that again).

For the first time, I started stitching the patter from the bottom.....AsI bought quite  a big 16 ct fabric and I didn't want to waste the fabric. So left around 3 inches on the bottom right corner and started from the bottom.......This pattern seems to be moving quite fast especially after stitching Cinderella on a 32 ct fabric. Hopefully in another 10 days, I should be able to finish the whole pattern.

So here is the update that I have so far........

Bunnny Baby - Floral work as of 1/3/2012

Happy Stitching.......

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