January 09, 2012

Going slow on stitching front

I guess I will have to go slow on the stitching side. Have got some priorities on my personal front that I need to give preference to. Now that the pattern, fabby and the beads have arrived for the Spring Queen, I might go and do some shopping for the DMC threads in Hobby Lobby. Haven't ever used any Q-Snaps or any thing like that other than regular hoops. Yes I only have 2 hoops and I managed to do Sleeping Beaty and Cinderella with these 2 hoops. Cross stitching is easy using the hoops but when it comes to beading, it turned out to be a night mare. So try out the using Qsnaps for Spring Queen. ;)

I might be doing some thing small for one of cousins soon. Not sure when and what design yet.

Happy Stitching........

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