October 29, 2012

Rose - pixie - Getting her dress ready

After taking up a new job in finance, I hardly get time to do household chores (Well trying to get some lame excuse for my laziness). Now I am able to do stitching only on weekends. So this weekend, I have done some more progress on her dress. Seems to be a bit of challenge to do her pink dress though it is lovely especially with pink color variations being so close to each other. Just wanted to get over with her dress before I can move on to her wings, hands, legs and head.

Will be posting a picture of the latest soon. But again most likely my next update will be again on the weekend.

Happy Stitching...... :) 

October 21, 2012

Curtain raiser for Rose Pixie

It has been a while that I did any cross-stitching. Life has been bit busy but still having fun. Obviously facebook Mirabilia group is truly a inspiration for stitching. Now after seeing couple of finishes on the group forum, I decided let me start a new one. Yes.....was working on Spring Queen for a while but now I shelved it as I felt I need a new one to be hanging in my Family room. And what else could be completed fast enough than a Nora Corbett Pixie.

So yesterday I started on the Rose Pixie. But realized one of the threads - 3860 is missing. So in the near future, I might have to make a trip to Michaels or Joanns for that missing thread. I love doing Pixies, they are pretty and at the same time real fast projects. So here is the Rose Pixie after working for couple of hours since yesterday.

Rose pixie - as of 10/21/2012
 I am planning to do Holly next. So I guess it is going to take a while before I start again on Spring Queen.

Happy Stitching...... :)