October 30, 2015

With Spring Queen, Rose & Holly - feeling ecstatic

ECSTATIC - Yes, I am totally over the 9th cloud seeing my dream project - Spring Queen, Holly and Rose Pixie. Absolutely no words to say. Nor do these pics can shout out loud how beautiful they look. All three framed on 10/29/2015 from a local framer - Mario's Bay Frames.  I highly recommend this framer as he has good collection of frames and matting. To top it, he also has an artistic eye. 

The best compliment was when my husband was awe-struck seeing Frame Spring Queen pic. His expression and words were "Did you make this ? " :) Now I am all charged to work on my WIP - BlueBell Pixie. 

Spring Queen - Framed on 10/29/2015

Rose Pixie  - Framed on 10/29/2015

Holly -  - Framed on 10/29/2015

Enjoy the pictures just as I do. :) 

Happy Stitching.