February 20, 2012

Stitching and Frogging

I attempted to add some stitches to Evening Primrose pixie. Almost completed her hand, next line and face. Just started on her wings and realised that I have to frog some of her right wing. :(. So put aside the stitching for today knowing that I have to frog it. 

Well I realized a pattern of my frogging. When I try to jump few stitches away with no connection to what I am already doing, in most cases I end of frogging as I might be off by one or two lines. And I never dared to cover the misaligned portion unless it is one or two stiches. But if it is a patch of work, I prefer to frog it and redo than covering it up.

Any how, Primrose is s a much simpler and smaller patter and is going quite good. I have a chart and fabric for Water lily. Once I am done with Evening Primrose, I will start Waterlilty. I love to do patterns that have bright colors and Waterlily is one of them. Now browing 123 stitch to get the order placed for Waterlily stash.....Yippie.......

Happy Stitching............

February 18, 2012

Evening Primrose Pixie - My first Pixie

So off late have been busy myself setting things in the new home, lots of house hold shopping and in the middle of the job front that I am not really doing any stitching. (Just didn't want myself to be distracted from the most important things that have been long pending)

Today I did some of the stitching on the Evening Primrose pixie and did her legs and sandles. For some reason, I am not too convinced with work on her legs (eventhough stictched it as per the chart). Her legs seem to be bit out of shape near the knee.....So did some Kreinik to see whether it fills the gap but still the defects seems obvious. Hope it will NOT be too obvious after the whole work is done.

Here is the update that I have so far.......

Evening Primrose pixie - 2/17/2012

Happy Stitching......

February 11, 2012

Settling down in the new home and new city

Still taking time to settle down in the new home with bare mandatory things around while the rest of the things including car are still in the transit. Love the new home. The sun roof on the top in the kitchen and the little patio area that is good enough for some gardening. So very different from my old place.

So my mandatory things include the Evening Primrose kit that I just started (one day of work is in). Planning to complete the pattern by end of this month as I am gifting it to one of my cousins who is visiting us from Finland. Will post the pics of the latest update once all my things are out.

Happy Stitching......