February 20, 2012

Stitching and Frogging

I attempted to add some stitches to Evening Primrose pixie. Almost completed her hand, next line and face. Just started on her wings and realised that I have to frog some of her right wing. :(. So put aside the stitching for today knowing that I have to frog it. 

Well I realized a pattern of my frogging. When I try to jump few stitches away with no connection to what I am already doing, in most cases I end of frogging as I might be off by one or two lines. And I never dared to cover the misaligned portion unless it is one or two stiches. But if it is a patch of work, I prefer to frog it and redo than covering it up.

Any how, Primrose is s a much simpler and smaller patter and is going quite good. I have a chart and fabric for Water lily. Once I am done with Evening Primrose, I will start Waterlilty. I love to do patterns that have bright colors and Waterlily is one of them. Now browing 123 stitch to get the order placed for Waterlily stash.....Yippie.......

Happy Stitching............

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