November 09, 2019

Drum roll.... Little House Needle works

Hurray, finally I am able to complete on time the Little House Needle works project. This was started last year in February 2018, stitched probably 20% of it so and then restarted it again in Aug of 2019. Spent couple of hours stitching during the holidays and Weekends. This particular project was on my wish list for many years but once we moved to our new house in June, I got the inspiration to complete this project.

I made a 2 changes to make this more personal.

At the top I added or last Names - MARTHIS and I added one boy and one man on the right to represent out family. :)

I am proud on how the final project looks like - Here are few pics towards the completion of the project. 

2019/11/7 - Little House Neighbourhood

2019/11/7 - Little House Neighbourhood

Planning to drop the piece tomorrow at The Framers Workshop. Hope to have this framed and returned right on time before our 15th Anniversary. :)

Happy X-stitching.

November 04, 2019

Little House Neighbourhood - Almost close to completion

Very soon we will be celebrating our 15th Anniversary and I decided to complete this project framed and ready to be hung in our living room before our Anniversary date. Eager to get this ready for framing, I sat for nearly 20 hours this week end to complete.... Guess what, I ran out of one of threads :(. So now I have to run in the evening to Hobby Lobby (closest shop for thread work) and get the missing color. Hoping to finish the piece, iron and hand it over to the framer hopefully by this weekend. Fingers crossed.....

So here are the some of the pics of how the progress happened since my last update on this project.

I am planning to replace the lady and hen on the right (from the original pic) with a man and boy. Have to see how it goes... but that seems like a plan to make this more personal. 

Happy X-Stitching.

October 12, 2019

Oh Boy - DIY fun project

So this blog is something non-related to my usual stitching post. Few days back our team (with whom I work) arranged a baby shower for one of my colleagues - Mr. Y and the moment I came to know about the plan, I decided to do something DIY project for the event. Believe it or not, it is a lot of fun and joy doing such DIY projects for the near and dear ones. There are some beautiful DIY projects out there on the web but I have to choose the one where Mr. Y also feels comfortable with the stuff that we use. With him being quite Introvert, I have to be extra careful that I don't go over the board and finally here is what I came up with.

I am glad the event was a lot of fun and Mr. Y and the whole team had a good fun. BTW, the best part was when Mr. Y was reading out those beautiful messages (some of those messages are very creative) :) 

Here are few pics of the items that I have put together for the event.

Rest of my colleagues wrote their baby wishes on these shillots

And this cute box carried all the wonderful baby wishes

I got the template for the 3 inch Shillots from here and the banner templates from here.

Happy X-stitching. 

August 25, 2019

Little more progress on Little House Neighbourhood

So here I am with my update since my last post on the Little House Neighbourhood. It is always fun to see the progress and feel that the project is one step closer to completion. As this project is very much divided into sections on its own, my goal is to complete the atleast one section every weekend. And here is my update from the week end of 8/17/2019.

As a side note, it is so much joy to sit in the front patio overseeing the park right across the street and stitching this project :)

This weekend (8/24/2019), I worked on the Tree, birds and the sheet. Started on the third house.

Happy X-Stitching.

August 10, 2019

Update on Little House Neighbourhood

Finally got some time to post an update on the Little House Needlework. Since my last update on Little House Neighborhood, I started the project on 2/13/2018. Huh.... yes it is almost 18 months  back that I started this project. But worked on this piece on the month Feb of 2018 and shelved it until today. There are many reasons why I was unable to continue on this project (some good and some not so good reasons). Finally here I am dusted of the project and started working on for couple of hours today (8/10/2019). Here are few pictures on its progress.....

LHN - 2/13/2018
LHN - Feb - 2018

 And today I worked on most of the top left house.

LHN - 8/10/2019

If you have glanced through my blog, you will see that most of my projects are from Nora's or Mirabilia charts. I think after a very long time, I am doing non-Mira project and for sure this project is quite easy compared to Mira projects. As you can see, most of the stitching is in blocks and is so much easy x-stitch without any fear of miscounting. I am excited to now complete this project and display it in my living room at the earlier. :) 

Happy X-stitching...... 

February 09, 2018

Coming back with Isabella's Garden

Wow.... it has been almost 2+ years that I have blogged anything about my stitching nor did I do any stitching. Few days back, I saw a finished piece of Italian Lady (Designer - Sharon Christine designs ; Framing - Jill Rensel) and was awestruck at the beautiful piece. Felt inspired and motivated to start a new cross-stitch.

So went back to my stitching shelf to dust off and see what should I do. Reorganized my threads and felt rejunenated to see the organized thread box. :) Looked at some of the patterns that I completed in the past or wanted to do at some point in the future. And there is a WIP - Bluebell pixie (Designed - Nora Corbett). Finally decided to go with my 2 ever lasting projects on to do list -

1. Isabella's garden (Designed - Lavender & Lace) - Ordererd the required stash for this project and this will be my next project that I will do.
2. Little House Neighborhood (Designed - Little House Needlework) - Ordered pattern and fabric.

These 2 projects has been on my to-do list for a very long time and what better way to get inspired to start these now than latter.

So yes.... as soon as the stash is at my door step, I am on to Isabella's garden. :)

Happy Stitching. 

October 30, 2015

With Spring Queen, Rose & Holly - feeling ecstatic

ECSTATIC - Yes, I am totally over the 9th cloud seeing my dream project - Spring Queen, Holly and Rose Pixie. Absolutely no words to say. Nor do these pics can shout out loud how beautiful they look. All three framed on 10/29/2015 from a local framer - Mario's Bay Frames.  I highly recommend this framer as he has good collection of frames and matting. To top it, he also has an artistic eye. 

The best compliment was when my husband was awe-struck seeing Frame Spring Queen pic. His expression and words were "Did you make this ? " :) Now I am all charged to work on my WIP - BlueBell Pixie. 

Spring Queen - Framed on 10/29/2015

Rose Pixie  - Framed on 10/29/2015

Holly -  - Framed on 10/29/2015

Enjoy the pictures just as I do. :) 

Happy Stitching.