December 30, 2013

Spring Queen - Moving on to her face and hair

Here is the latest pic of Spring Queen. I was hoping to complete her in 2013 but obviously she wanted to be pampered a little even in 2014. I have to cover up a little bit in the center(missing one row of it) on one of the leaves areas. I hope it is NOT obvious.

Spring Queen - as of 12/30/2013
Happy Stitching..... :) 

December 26, 2013

Happy Holidays

I hope all the stitcher community had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and looking forward to a very Happy New Year. From my side, yes we did have a wonderful time with my sister's family, spent some time at Vegas and now back to home. Eager to finish my Spring Queen by New Year so that I can start working on my next Mira project. (Still haven't decided what that next big project will be). I have some update on Spring Queen that I might share in my next post. Also getting my Rose and Holly Pixies framed.

Happy Stitching.... :)

December 01, 2013

Spring Queen - Thanks Giving Weekend update

Though it has been a while that I posted my update on Spring Queen, there is not much progress to be shown until this past Thanks Giving weekend. Here is what I have so far on Spring Queen. Most of the part above the ribbon is what I have done in the last couple of days and I would say 60%  of it was done just during the Thanks Giving weekend alone. If you notice, there is an unstitched part at the center and I left it like for that for now is because I did some mistake in that section and I have to figure out on how to correct it or cover it. Atleast I isolated the mistake only to that portion of it. I hope I will not make that mistake to be too obvious once I am done. :) 

Spring Queen - As of 12/1/2013
I hope all the Xstitchers out there had a wonderful Thanks Giving and were able to spend enough time on stitching your favourite piece. 

Happy Stitching.