December 30, 2013

Spring Queen - Moving on to her face and hair

Here is the latest pic of Spring Queen. I was hoping to complete her in 2013 but obviously she wanted to be pampered a little even in 2014. I have to cover up a little bit in the center(missing one row of it) on one of the leaves areas. I hope it is NOT obvious.

Spring Queen - as of 12/30/2013
Happy Stitching..... :) 


  1. She looks wonderful! Sorry that you won't get her finished in 2013... but just think of the pleasure you have awaiting you in 2014 when you can announce your first finish!!
    Hugs x

    1. Stitching Noni, Yes. I really love working on her. And like you mentioned, I will be one happy stitcher to celebrate a Mira finish early in the year.

  2. Hello! I've just discovered your blog and have so enjoyed looking through your projects. I am a new stitcher too and have just begun to stitch Mirabilia's Buttercup. There is so much to be inspired by, I'm so happy to find someone who enjoys this hobby as well! Elizabeth