December 30, 2013

Spring Queen - Moving on to her face and hair

Here is the latest pic of Spring Queen. I was hoping to complete her in 2013 but obviously she wanted to be pampered a little even in 2014. I have to cover up a little bit in the center(missing one row of it) on one of the leaves areas. I hope it is NOT obvious.

Spring Queen - as of 12/30/2013
Happy Stitching..... :) 

December 26, 2013

Happy Holidays

I hope all the stitcher community had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and looking forward to a very Happy New Year. From my side, yes we did have a wonderful time with my sister's family, spent some time at Vegas and now back to home. Eager to finish my Spring Queen by New Year so that I can start working on my next Mira project. (Still haven't decided what that next big project will be). I have some update on Spring Queen that I might share in my next post. Also getting my Rose and Holly Pixies framed.

Happy Stitching.... :)

December 01, 2013

Spring Queen - Thanks Giving Weekend update

Though it has been a while that I posted my update on Spring Queen, there is not much progress to be shown until this past Thanks Giving weekend. Here is what I have so far on Spring Queen. Most of the part above the ribbon is what I have done in the last couple of days and I would say 60%  of it was done just during the Thanks Giving weekend alone. If you notice, there is an unstitched part at the center and I left it like for that for now is because I did some mistake in that section and I have to figure out on how to correct it or cover it. Atleast I isolated the mistake only to that portion of it. I hope I will not make that mistake to be too obvious once I am done. :) 

Spring Queen - As of 12/1/2013
I hope all the Xstitchers out there had a wonderful Thanks Giving and were able to spend enough time on stitching your favourite piece. 

Happy Stitching.

October 20, 2013

Spring Queen - Back in action

With Holly completion, it is now time for Spring Queen to come back to action. This definitely is a beautiful piece and also a very time consuming project....well no complains but all Miras are like that......So here is the Spring Queen before I put it aside to complete Rose Pixie and Holly Pixie.I only hope Mr Frog does NOT visit me while I am working on this beauty. ;)

Spring Queen - Back to action on 10/20/2013

Happy Stitching......

October 19, 2013

Happy dance for Holly

Yippee......Singing a Happy Dance for Holly - my fourth pixie of Nora Corbett's. It is always a pleasure to see a project coming to an end and feeling proud about self. Finally here she is the beauty that I am talking about......Looking for good framers to get this and Rose pixes framed. Burnt my time, money, excitement and fun framing at Michaels that it is no more an option that I want to consider.

If there any good framers that you would refer (in Bay Area), please drop in a message.

A closeup of Holly

With her beautiful flowing curly dress

Can she fly with her delicate wings

Finally here is Holly all decked up for framing..... :)

Final Holly - 10/19/2013
 Most likely I will now move on to Spring Queen (a WIP that is untouched since one year) and then on to Bluebell.....

Happy Stitching......

August 11, 2013

Holly after 2nd weekend progress

Here is my Holly after almost 2 weeks of effort. She is coming along great. But for some reason, Mr Frog also is so keen on visiting her quite often.I hope he doesn't slow down my Holly progress.

Holly - As of 8/11/2013

Happy Stitching..... :)

August 04, 2013

Holly - with one weekend effort

This is my first cut of Holly after a weekend effort in bringing her to life......Mr Frog was visiting so often while doing this project. I hope he had enough of his turns that he will NOT come back again atleast not until I finish this. :)
Holly - As of 8/4/2013

Happy Stitching....... :)

July 05, 2013

"Holly Pixie" - Curtain Raiser

Now that I am done with Rose Pixie, made all my stash ready for my next Pixie  - "Holly". So here is what I have for Holly...... :)

"Holly Pixie" - All set to go as of 7/5/2013
 Happy Stitching......

Happy Dance for "Rose Pixie"

Hurray, I am done with Rose Pixie...... Oo...La....La....La.......My first 2013 finish......Now it waits in the case for its turn for the final makeover (Framing).......

Rose Pixie - Finished on 7/5/2013
A Closeup of Rose Pixie - with her beautiful beads.....
 Happy Stitching......

Rose Pixie - Almost close to finish line

Finally after almost 7 months of putting away my favorite hobby (had some really good times and some were really worst times), got inspiration to pick Rose and make her reach the finish line. So here she is - would have reached the finish line.....if the back-stitch thread didn't run out of stash....... Now I have to shop for a DMC for back-stitching. No wonder, Mira or Nora design look ever beautiful and richly once the beads are added. This is my third Pixie (First being Evening  Primrose and second being Waterlily).

Rose Pixie - As of 7/4/2013

Happy 4th of July and Happy Stitching..... :)

January 01, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Wishing you all a very Happy And Prosporous New Year - May 2013 bring in all the success, happiness and joys that you hope for.

Happy Stitching..... :)