October 19, 2013

Happy dance for Holly

Yippee......Singing a Happy Dance for Holly - my fourth pixie of Nora Corbett's. It is always a pleasure to see a project coming to an end and feeling proud about self. Finally here she is the beauty that I am talking about......Looking for good framers to get this and Rose pixes framed. Burnt my time, money, excitement and fun framing at Michaels that it is no more an option that I want to consider.

If there any good framers that you would refer (in Bay Area), please drop in a message.

A closeup of Holly

With her beautiful flowing curly dress

Can she fly with her delicate wings

Finally here is Holly all decked up for framing..... :)

Final Holly - 10/19/2013
 Most likely I will now move on to Spring Queen (a WIP that is untouched since one year) and then on to Bluebell.....

Happy Stitching......

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  1. Your Holly finish is beautiful. I'm working on her now. Can't wait to finish her.