March 31, 2012

Spring Queen - Working on hands and sleeves

I thought I should not stitch until I reach my goal but then the stress levels are too much that I feel like stitching as a sort of stress reliever. So today I have been working on Spring Queen's hands and Sleeves. Here is an update on the queen. Actually I did a little bit more that what the picture is showing. :)

Spring Queen - As of 3/31/32012

Happy Stitching..... :)

March 25, 2012

Oh my framing costs

Yes today I went to Michaels to get the framing done for Sleeping Beauty and Waterlily(Couldn't wait to see them hang on my wall).....And OMG with 60% discount and without matting, I still felt the price to be way too much beyond my budget. (Fortunately my husband was not around while I was billing). I guess I will have to seriously look for local framers who can do a better job but at an affordable price.

Anyhow, now that I ordered the framing, am eagerly waiting for how the framed pieces are going to look like. It is going to be 2 more weeks of waiting.

Happy Stitching.....:)  

March 21, 2012

A quick tweet

Just got a message from my sis that the Evening Primrose(for my co-sis from Finland) and Bunny Baby(for my sis) are with the framer. And they should be collecting them by next Thursday. Can't wait to see how the finished pieces will look like.

Thanks Tracy for suggesting one good framer who offers beautiful work at a much affordable prices . My sis became a big fan of his framing(Cinderalla) that she went and placed the order for these two projects today. And it seems he gave some good combination of color choices for matting and frame. Now two more(Sleeping Beauty and Water lily) are already lined up for framing. Unless I find some framer here in California, I might end up framing my pieces from this framer only.  

Happy stitching........ :)

Pixies charts to kit up

Now that I have charts for Rose, Holly, Tigerlily and Sweet Pea pixes, I might start collecting the stash for these pixies soon....Well not really, I don't think I want to start any new project until I finish my Spring Queen. I guess I am better at being a serial stitcher rather than round robin stitcher as my inspiration to do more stitching doubles seeing the finished pieces.

Any how, for some time, I will be in the sleep mode w.r.t to stitching. I guess I need to stop looking at the Facebook group as well as it influences me a lot to do more stitching. And I cannot afford to have that influence at this point of time...... :)

Until then Happy stithcing...... :)

March 18, 2012

Sleeping Beauty - ready for framing

Sleeping Beauty(my never ending project) is now finally complete and is ready for framing. Here are some of the pics of the pattern.

Sleeping Beauty 

Sleeping Beauty - closeup of her face

Lots of beading on her dress

Some more beading.....beading....Gosh that's a lot 
Happy Stitching......:) 

Spring Queen - WIP now in progress

Now that the Waterlily pixie is out of my way, I will be working on Spring Queen. This is the only WIP right now on hand. Probably when I get some time and chance, might collect the stash for Holly and Tigerlily pixies. Until then it will be only Spring Queen progress.

So here is what I have so far. This is one of my favorites (well that's a lie....pretty much all of the Miras or Nora Corbett's patterns are my favorites). Eager to get this finished, framed and decorated on my wall......

Spring Queen - as of 3/18/2012
Happy Stitching.....:) 

Waterlily - Happy Dance

Thah Waterlily is now ready to go for some final makeover(framing). Super excited to do this Pixie. Started on 3/12/2012 and completed on 3/18/2012 - surprisingly completed this in just 6 days.

Here are some of the pics........

WaterLily - 3/12/2012 to 3/18/2012

Waterlily - A closeup of her face and wings
Happy Stitching...... :)

March 17, 2012

Waterlily - Moving on to beading

Waterlily is almost reaching its finish line. Little bit more gaps to be filled by DMC 553 and then will be moving on to back stitch and beading.....Yeh.....Can't wait to get her done and framed. Most likely this might be my first Mira / Nora Corbett hanging on my wall......Super excited. :)

Waterlily - as of 3/17/2012
Happy Stitching...... :) 

March 16, 2012

Waterlily - Some more progress

Have worked on the pixie today and did quite a bit......Almost done with the wings except that I need to fill in the whites.....Planning to replace it with light pink(DMC 819). Wonder how it will come. I really am loving to stitch this pixie. So far it is pretty easy and fast moving pixie. Next will be her legs, hands and face. :)

Here are the pics as of today.

Waterlily - As of 3/16/2012
Happy Stitching...... :)

March 13, 2012

Waterlily - Day one effort

Here is the update from one day's stitching. I know I should be doing something else than stitching but the pattern seems to be so tempting that I started off on this one yesterday itself after kitting up. Facebook group is another bad influencer on me for stitching. The more I see the finished patterns, the more feel like wanting to see how mine will turn out to be. So here is the sneak peak of the day one effort. Colors are much brighter than seen in the pic. Seems to be a relatively easy pattern.

Waterlily - as on 3/13/2012
 Happy Stitching........

March 12, 2012

Waterlily - Curtain raiser

Now moving on to my second pixie(this is for self). Kitted up the required stash and realized that I am missing one DMC thread - 553. And the fabric (suggested one - 32 ct Antique White Jobelan) is ready. All I need to start stitching.

When I did the floss toss, the colors are really bright. Hoping to see this pixie shape up soon. Once this is done, then I will pick up Spring Queen (A relatively huge project) as there is nothing more in pipeline that I have kitted up.

Happy Stitching..... :)

March 10, 2012

Evening Primrose - Happy Dance

Thah...Dhah......Introducing my first pixie - Evening Primrose. Beads on this pattern truely transformed the pixie to a whole new level. Just amazing to see the finished one.......Yeppiee....

So here are the pics of my pixie.......Going to be shipped soon for framing....and then off it goes to Finland.

Evening Primrose - 3/10/2012

Evening Primrose - A close up of her face and wings
Evening Primrose - Just love her dress

Happy Stitching.......

March 09, 2012

Evening Primrose - Moving on to fun part

I know I haven't been into stitching on a regular basis......I wish I can spend more time on stitching but my attention is now deviated on a much important matter that I hardly do stitching.

So the last few days I am able to put few more stitches(I really hated doing white on white - her dress) and now I am left with the fun part - back stitching and beading. Few more hours and I think I should be done with my first pixie.  Even interesting is that during my rencent travel to Phoenix, I did almost 4 hours of stitching on this pixie either waiting in the airport lounge or on the airport. Wow.....surprisingly did a lot than expected during this time. I guess I can plan something like this during my future visits. :)

So here is the pic I have so far.......... Do you see any problem with her next line. I missed to add one row to her neck and realized it after doing all her face and hair. If I have to correct this, I have to frog her whole face and redo......I will try to add the backstitch and see how it looks (atleast for now I tend to leave it as is.)

Evening Primrose - as of 3/9/2012

Happy Stitching........