March 25, 2012

Oh my framing costs

Yes today I went to Michaels to get the framing done for Sleeping Beauty and Waterlily(Couldn't wait to see them hang on my wall).....And OMG with 60% discount and without matting, I still felt the price to be way too much beyond my budget. (Fortunately my husband was not around while I was billing). I guess I will have to seriously look for local framers who can do a better job but at an affordable price.

Anyhow, now that I ordered the framing, am eagerly waiting for how the framed pieces are going to look like. It is going to be 2 more weeks of waiting.

Happy Stitching.....:)  

1 comment:

  1. Marthi,

    If you change your mind soon about letting Michaels frame it, it takes them several weeks before they even start and you could cancel the order and get a refund. Why don't you see how much it cost to get it done at Nick's even with the shipping it might be cheaper.

    The pricing at Michael's is done with the 60% coupons factored in. They are not really giving a discount on the price they actually want. Marked up so it can be marked down. The person who is really overpaying are those who don't use the coupons. Michael's selections are not that good either. Just my opinion.