March 09, 2012

Evening Primrose - Moving on to fun part

I know I haven't been into stitching on a regular basis......I wish I can spend more time on stitching but my attention is now deviated on a much important matter that I hardly do stitching.

So the last few days I am able to put few more stitches(I really hated doing white on white - her dress) and now I am left with the fun part - back stitching and beading. Few more hours and I think I should be done with my first pixie.  Even interesting is that during my rencent travel to Phoenix, I did almost 4 hours of stitching on this pixie either waiting in the airport lounge or on the airport. Wow.....surprisingly did a lot than expected during this time. I guess I can plan something like this during my future visits. :)

So here is the pic I have so far.......... Do you see any problem with her next line. I missed to add one row to her neck and realized it after doing all her face and hair. If I have to correct this, I have to frog her whole face and redo......I will try to add the backstitch and see how it looks (atleast for now I tend to leave it as is.)

Evening Primrose - as of 3/9/2012

Happy Stitching........

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