May 15, 2014

Getting back to stitching

Wow....didn't realize that it is almost 3 months that I posted on my stitching blog. Too bad. Well.....trying to convince myself by saying that things are pretty hectic on a personal front. One of the important things to share is that I sold off my first home (am glad that the transaction went as smooth as I can hope her though I feel really bad to sell it). On a happier note, I bought another bigger and newer flat in my dream city where I plan to retire.

On a stitching front, I think I should be having all the stash needed for me to start working on Bluebell Pixie. So this will be next WIP while I start gathering my stash for Binacebella and Buttercup pixie. They seem to be very pretty though seem to be very expensive.

See you all in my next post when I start updating my BlueBell Pixie updates.....

Happy Stitching..... :)

February 09, 2014

Spring Queen - No words to say

I am literally falling short of words to describe how beautiful my third Mira - "Spring Queen" looks like. Until I started on her bead work, I was happy how she was but once I started beading, I was literally ecstatic. She is an absolute pleasure to stitch her. I started beading on her on 2/8/2014 around 10:00 AM and with occasional breaks I completed all her beading by around 11:30 PM. Just couldn't put her down to some other day once I started to bead her. She is absolute stunning piece, and if I get a chance to get it framed from Jill Rensel, then I am sure there is nothing in this world to compare / describe her beauty. And it will truly become as my 6 yr old said - "She is sparkling as nothing in this world"...... :) Here are some pics of her. 

Spring Queen - March 2012 - Feb 2014

Spring Queen - Have to admire her royal look

A beautiful bouquet for Spring Queen
Now that I am done with Spring Queen, I will most likely move on to Blue Bell pixie while I place my order for Buttercup pixie and Biancebella. Both are very vibrant colors. Just so getting hooked up to Mira / Nora charts. But no regrets.

Happy Stitching..... :)