January 11, 2012

Sleeping Beauty - race started

Have been tossing around whether to finish Sleeping Beauty or start on Spring Queen. Spring Queen has got some really good color combinations that I just love the piece. Finally decided to finish Sleeping Beauty as I am literally dragging this for quite a number of years. Yes I started this during Aug of 2006. The blog world has been a great inspiration and now I am all charged to finish this Beauty.  

There is not really much work.....except beading. It should take probably around 5 hours maxiumum. So here are the latest pics of Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty - as of 1/11/2012

A close up picture of the princess.
 Bought a new Lap frame for the first time (it is a nightmare to work on beading using hoops. Realized it while doing Cinderella). So here is the princess ready for the beading.
SB fitted my new lap frame.....ready for beading :)
Hope to finish the piece atleast by end of this month (Hum too long isn't it....but I have some priorities that I have to handle so this might be on a slow burner).

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