April 26, 2012

Spring Queen - Tired of stitching the greens

The last three days I have been stitching the greens on the left side of the dress that now I am too tired to do any more green. So for a change I started working on her dress lace with a nice lavender color (which infact is eye pleasing after seeing so much greens the last couple of days).

Now I am wondering how the heck in this world will I be able to do all those yellowish greens on her dress.....Hum......I guess this project is going to be on and off the shelf once I start doing her yellows.....Anyhow, I will post of picture of her once I complete her dress lace.

On a side note, after reading some of the experiences of the stitchers in Mirabilia Facebook group, even I tried to stitch with two hands, left hand on the top and right hand on the bottom of the fabric, and couldn't believe how fast it is. Also by stitching like that, my hands, fingers and back are not getting as sore as they used to be while I was stitching with one hand. Now I don't feel like stitching with one hand. :) 

Happy Stitching.....:)

1 comment:

  1. I know your pain - the green's in my primary WIP has driven me off the project for the time being. Sometimes you just need a change up :)

    Happy Stitching!