April 28, 2012

Little House Neighbourhood - Will it be my next WIP

Off late I have been stitching only Mira / Nora projects and no doubt I enjoy them. But recently the wind is blowing towards Little House Neighbourhood. Am thinking whether I should place the order or wait until 4 of them that are in pipeline are complete / close to complete. (Spring Queen, Holly, Rose and Bluebell Pixie).

I will have to hold this off until then I guess. But in case I have to order any more stash from 123 stitch, then LHN might diffently be added to the shopping cart. So tempted get the pattern and fabric home.

BTW, on the Spring Queen updates, the more I wanted to stitch a different color , the more I get into stitching the greens. Now pretty close to completing the solid greens on half of her dress that I can move on to different color. Pictures will be posted soon. The stitches on the Spring Queen are all over the place. I pray that they all aligh together. Hate to frog the work and can't leave the pattern knowing the mistake so obvious.

Hope regular bloggers of my site are enjoying knowing updates from my end.

Happy Sitching......:)

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  1. My thought is: whatever keeps you stitching! The Mirabilias are beautiful, but I could understand how you might need a change every now and then. Maybe you could just do a rotation like she says here: http://www.shakespearespeddler.com/nomoreufos.html
    Anyway, I enjoy your updates! Keep them coming, whatever they are on :)