April 17, 2012

Michaels - Another setback

I decided I will NOT go get any of my framing done at Michaels. One with 60% discount, the prices are exorbitant. Second, there are not many choices for the frames. Third, they never hand over the framed piece on time. And it really sxxxxs.

I have given my Sleeping Beauty for framing some time mid of last month with a 2 week estimated delivery date. Now it is more than 4 weeks and the piece is still lying on their work desk and that kills me. Decided no more Michaels........ :(

On a positive side, I got the treasures for three of the Pixies - Holly, Rose and Bluebell. Now I need to buy the DMC threads and then they are ready to start. :) 1-2-3 Stitch best online delivery service so far that I have experienced. Definitely will recommend any one who wants to get their stash delivered to home.

Happy Stitching....... :)


  1. You know you can pick up your piece and get your money back if they haven't framed it yet. That's what I would do...in fact, I did that once many years ago.

  2. Hey there - I'm a new follower.

    I was into Michaels the other day and I can totally agree that their framing prices suck... even with a 60% discount. I would much rather go to a local framer and give them my business instead.

    On the other hand Michaels is the best (and cheapest) place to get my threads. Some definite pluses and minuses here.

    Happy Stitching!!!! I love your work - I just received BlueBell in the mail myself and I CANNOT wait to start on her.