May 11, 2011

Mirabilia - Sleeping Beauty

It was back in 2006 that suddenly my thoughts turned towards cross-stitching(my hidden hobby). Kudos to that provided a channel for fellow bloggers to share they master pieces. Some of these pieces were so beautiful that I was immediately inspired to do some cross-stiching. Bought quite a few kits(not sure of the company names) from Ebay. Two such huge projects that I bought were Mirabilia designs - Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella way back in 2006 without realizing how big the projects were nor how long it takes to complete. 

Back in June 2006, started off  working on the Sleeping Beauty. Was working on and off on this project till May 2007 or so. And then days became quite busy with my son's arrival that there is no time for my hobbies.......So here is where I left off by May 2007 on Sleeping Beauty.....


Below pic shows the bottom right portion of the unfinished work.

It was only in April 2011(yep exactly after 4 years) that I restarted this unfinished piece.......As I  write this post, here is the picture that is close to completed  piece. Was so excited to see the piece come this far. My first ever big piece that I have worked upon........Truely enjoyed the peice and glad the way it came out.

Unfortunately I ran out of thread for two there is 15 min work pending on the bottom right corner near the flowers).

Will be working on beading and with that the piece should be ready to be framed. Eager to see the finished piece.......

Happy Stitching......

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