May 10, 2011

My cross-stitch world

Welcomes you...... :) Being a working mom for the last couple of years, life has been quite busy. Now that I have got some free time, I decided to kick start my hobby and record some of my progresses along the way. Even though I love cross-stitch, I would say, I am still an infant when compared to some of the fellow bloggers works on cross stitch. Hope this will inspire me to do some of the projects that I bought way back in 2006 but never got to work on them. I do have some completed projects that are awaiting for the final finishing. But I never did any needle-work finishing till date and am bit hesitant to try any with my completed projects as I am afraid I might ruin them. Probably will do some googling and see if I can find some tutorials that I can help me to do the finishing. That's it for now.

Will post some of the completed ones and also the one that are WIP soon...... :)

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