December 30, 2011

Highlights of 2011

Started remembering what are the the big events or occasions or accomplishments happened in the Year 2011. So here they are -

1. Resigned from my job after working for a company for almost 10 years. (March)
2. Heard the good news that my sis is expecting her first baby who is due in March 2012. (July)
3. Dream come true Vacation - Disney Land Florida (Sep)
4. 20 month intense learning experience finally comes to a happy ending with a tag - Duke MBA graduate added to my profile (Dec)
5. First Mirabilia project - Cinderalla - Completed and sent for framing (May to Dec)
6. Nani's excitment seeing his two presents - Lego Firetruck and Lego Airplane gifted by Santa alias Pinni & Babai.

I will jot down my new year resolutions in my next post. :)

Happy Stitching.........

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