July 28, 2011

Cinderella Update

OK.....I have been bit lazy in doing any thing. And obviously my cross stitching also took a back seat. Ok I have small update of the Cinderalla project that I am doing. 

I thought I finishing the castle and the beading above the castle but unfortunatley I ran out of one of the threads. Well that is the least I want to be but I guess there is no other go. So I started off doing the border line and so far so good. :) 

Looking at the progress of the project, I felt it is going to take for ever. And I was doubting whether I am stitching fast enough. So I googled for the average number of cross stitches that an average stitcher can do and it seems the range is around 150 stitches per hour. And I was doing close to 160 stitches when there are minimal colors and when the pattern is very easy(something like straight borders). So definitely not that bad. But when I get into the complicated pattern, it is ranging only between 50 - 75 stitches per hour. 

Now cinderella project has got 271 * 246 = 66,666 stitches. So at max speed of 150 stitches, it takes close to 445 hours and at min speed of 75 stitches, it takes 890 hours. Stitching at an average of 3 hrs per day, it take any where from 5 - 10 months......Phew.....I doubt I have that much patience and persistence to do a project for that long. Especially when I do Kreinik metallic threads or the Mill hill beads my interest levels drop drastically. Though they add the real beauty to the project, I feel it hard to work with them.   

My original plan is to complete the project by Sep 2011. But now based on these calculations I strongly doubt whether I can even finish half of the project. But I am sure if the project is not completed by Sep, then I don't see an end date for completing the project.Though my expectations are very high (rocketing thru the roof) I will still target to complete the project by Sep.  

 Happy Stitching.........


  1. When you calculated 271 * 246, did you take into account that not every square in those dimensions have a stitch in it?
    Since you have already got the background done and only have Cinderella and the border left. I would estimate at 3 hours a day, it should take you 2 to 3 months to finish, maybe even less.

    I am looking forward to seeing your progress since I really love this one.

  2. Tracy,

    Thank you for the comments. The number of stitches given was from the chart. Even though there are empty squares, I would think the pattern covers close to 80%.

    BTW, I really like your blog and feels good to see some wonderful projects from Mirabilia. Often get inspired to do a new project but with Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella on hand, couldn't dare to start a new one.