November 04, 2011

Crazy crazy and Crazy

Off late, things are going extremely crazy. Putting all my effort in one thing for which I have no control and now getting too worried(I think I am worried even more than what I should have) whether I will get through this phase successfully. All this is leading to extremely stressful moments. And am unable to concentrate on any thing - including stitching.

If any of you of readers have good tips to release stress levels, I appreciate if you can share them through comments.


  1. Hi, hope things have settled down now? I was just reading your blog because I am doing sleeping beauty, and also hope to do cinderella at some point. Lovely stitching, well done.
    I always find talking things through with somebody helps me when i am stressed. Hope you are feeling better now and that you are managing to do some stitching. Take care x

  2. A peaceful stroll on a warm day through a zoo or animal sanctuary all by yourself.